Lakewood Presbyterian School

Over 30 years of providing a classical Christian education to the DFW community.

Lakewood Presbyterian Fosters

Curiosity, Intentionality, and Authenticity

We believe parents have a delightful duty to make sure we are raising up our children in a world where Christ is presented truly as He is: the source, means, and goal of all things – including our knowledge.

At LPS, we want to help parents fulfill that sacred responsibility and to create an atmosphere where onlookers will know we are Christ’s people by our love for one another and our faithfulness to Him.

Life at Lakewood Presbyterian School

(K4 - 6th)
(7th - 8th)
(9th - 12th)
Extra Curriculars
School is Tuesday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 12:15 PM for all grades with extracurriculars after school until 3pm.

Our Community

We believe that even though we do not attend the same local churches, we are all a part of Christ’s Church by grace through faith; therefore, we aspire to pursue this calling together, as a community of Christ followers. Parents and teachers work closely together to ensure that each child is getting the love and care that he/she needs to be.

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