About Our School

Welcome to Lakewood Presbyterian School

Lakewood Presbyterian School was founded in 1990 as a ministry of Lakewood Presbyterian Church. For over 30 years, our school has worked to develop the next generation of Christians equipped to competently lead their community. We do not presume to accomplish this task alone but look to our students’ parents and their churches to also help achieve this goal. We believe that the classical model of education pairs well with our Christian perspective as a means of accomplishing this goal. This model teaches our students how to learn, how to think, and how to articulate those thoughts. We believe this will set them up to be successful in whatever path God has for them.

As an alumnus of our school myself, I can tell you first-hand the benefits it has had in my life. My teachers ignited a love of learning in me that helped me achieve success in my undergraduate and graduate course work. More importantly, the supportive and encouraging community that is our school has been a continual blessing throughout my life. My hope is that our students continue to develop a love of learning in our Christ-centered community for years to come.

Tom Robertstad,

Tom Roberstad Lakewood Presbyterian School Headmaster

Tom Robertstad,

Our Mission

Lakewood Presbyterian School exists to produce the next generation of resilient, thoughtful, capable, and courageous Christians who will build, reform, and lead society to the glory of God.

Core Values

We believe parents have a delightful duty to make sure we are raising up our children in a world where Christ is presented truly as He is: the source, means, and goal of all things – including our knowledge.  At LPS, we want to help parents fulfill that sacred responsibility and to create an atmosphere where onlookers will know we are Christ’s people by our love for one another and our faithfulness to Him.

We believe that even though we do not attend the same local churches, we are all a part of Christ’s Church by grace through faith; therefore, we aspire to pursue this calling together, as a community of Christ followers. Parents and teachers work closely together to ensure that each child is getting the love and care that he needs to progress successfully in the path that God lays out in his life.

We follow the three stages of classical education, collectively called the Trivium, which are based on the developmental stages of learning.  The three stages are grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  The grammar stage teaches the structure and power of language.  The logic stage teaches the student to carefully define and analyze language and to think critically. The rhetoric stage teaches students to convincingly communicate what they have learned.  These foundational skills prepare the student to effectively understand and communicate truth. The classical approach to education seeks to produce students who possess a lifelong passion for learning.


Tom Roberstad Lakewood Presbyterian School Headmaster

Tom Robertstad
Secondary Latin, Math, and Theology

Janice Gilbert Lakewood Presbyterian School Elementary Principal

Janice Gilbert
Elementary Principal
5th and 6th Home Room

Our Staff

Nina Vail
K4/K5 Home Room;
Theater Director

Vivian Brockwell
School Administrator

Jenny Escobar
1st and 2nd Home Room

Will Latham
3rd and 4th Home Room

Doris Gradle
High School English, Literature, and History

Melanie Adams
High School Math and Science

Laurie Latham
Choir Director

Becky Williamson
High School Math

Lisa Florer
Secondary History, Literature, and Math

Wesley Toler
Secondary Science

Board of Directors

Lakewood Presbyterian School is a board-governed school composed of the session of Lakewood Presbyterian Church. The overall responsibility of the Board is to advance the long-term viability of the school in accordance with its stated mission.