K4 and K5 kids at Lakewood Presbyterian School


Our four and five-year-old kindergarten class is a one or two-year program, depending upon the age a child enrolls. Children must be four by September 1st to begin the four-year-old kindergarten and five to start our five-year-old kindergarten. In kindergarten, phonics, reading, writing skills and math are the main subjects taught. Science, history, and art are introduced. The children learn how to get along and how to love one another while playing in learning centers.
Lakewood Presbyterian School 1st and 2nd Grade Image


First and second graders continue with phonics, reading, writing, and math, while also introducing grammar, history, geography, and science. Singing and memorizing is a critical part of learning at this stage. Poetry and Scripture are also memorized monthly. First graders also begin to learn cursive handwriting.


3rd and 4th graders at Lakewood Presbyterian School


Third and fourth grades continue with an emphasis on grammar, writing, and the reading of classical literature. They are also introduced to the Latin language. History is taught from a classical Christian worldview. They learn about Greek and Roman history one year, and Renaissance and Reformation the other year. They learn about the many different cultures in geography, including both in the United States and the rest of the world.
Lakewood Presbyterian School 5th and 6th Grade Image


Fifth and sixth graders continue to learn grammar, Latin, and the proper form of writing. Diagramming is stressed in grammar class. American history is taught, with various classical literature books being read. In geography, they learn how to label every country in the seven continents, as well as the capitals of each. Poetry and Scripture are memorized and read as well.


Lakewood Presbyterian School 7th and 8th Grade Image


Students in these years develop the capacity for more abstract thought, as they expand on the knowledge base acquired during the grammar stage. Now, however, emphasis is placed on using these facts to learn how to think critically. Students at this age love to question and debate. To equip them to debate correctly, we teach students properly to construct and critique valid arguments and to develop sound reasoning skills.


Lakewood Presbyterian School 9th and 10th Grade Image


The rhetoric stage begins in the 9th and 10th grades. Here students use their acquired knowledge and skills by articulating expressions of their own ideas. Students in this stage take positions on issues and argue for these positions using articulate and persuasive communication. Discussion and analysis of controversial and fundamental issues and philosophies will continue from the Logic stage. They will be immersed in the best of literature, the arts, history, science, and mathematics.
11th and 12th graders at Lakewood Presbyterian School


The rhetoric stage continues in the 11th and 12th grades. Students in these grades further their knowledge base in literature, history, math, and science, with an added emphasis in philosophy and biblical worldview. In these grades, we work to help students be prepared for the next stage in their academic or professional lives. Students will be required to critically examine the assumptions and conclusions intrinsic to their own philosophies and those of the world around them.


School for all grades is Tuesday – Friday from 8am – 12:15pm. 

There are extracurriculars after school each day until 3pm.